About Me

Hi 🙂 My name is Danielle and this blog is about my journey to find perpetual happiness through losing weight and living a healthier life with a mental illness. You can read more about my “why” in my Introductions post. I wanted to use this page to introduce to you to 3 very important people.

My beautiful family ❤

I am 30 years old and have been married to my best friend J for almost 6 years and together for 12. We met in college/university where I majored in communication and journalism and he majored in electrical engineering.

We’ve been blessed with
two beautiful boys, O (4) and H (1.75). They are the light of my life and a huge motivation to make this necessary lifestyle change.   (I’ve decided to keep from using their full names for privacy reasons.)


We live in a small Canadian town of approximately 4,000 people and are the ultimate definition of homebodies. Our happiest place is hanging out with our boys at home and just spending time together as a family.


My husband is my best friend (cliché, I know) and absolute rock. He has committed to this lifestyle change with me. For 12 years we have positively and poorly influenced one another. We’ve seen one another at our healthiest and are both currently at our heaviest. Despite how our bodies have changed over the years I don’t think he’s ever looked at me any differently and I love him dearly for it.

Four years into parenthood with two very active boys, we’ve realized just how out of shape we are. Keeping up with them is a full-time job and we quickly lose patience because of our lack of energy and stamina.

21-12-xuxyc-d8m47 This blue eyed boy made me a mama. In only 4 years he has taught me some of life’s most important lessons. Lessons in love. Lessons in patience. Lessons in sacrifice and compromise. Most importantly he’s taught me that every moment of every day is worth living. That everything is beautiful and new and exciting through the eyes of a child. These were things I couldn’t have known if I hadn’t weathered such a storm during O’s first year of life. You can read more about that in my post, The Darkest Days. He is smart, silly, funny, thoughtful, stubborn, empathetic, loving and kind. He is my first-born and will always hold a special place in my heart.

IMG_1302Last but not least is my little (big) boss. Just when I thought my heart was full, in he came bursting it wide open. He completed our family. A mini daddy, H is the best mix of sweet and saucy. Watching him idolize his big brother has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. A Scorpio like his mama, I know I’m in for a wild ride and I can’t wait to continue watching his cuddly & feisty little personality grow.

So that’s me (+3). When I’m not blogging or hanging with my family I spend my days working at an amazing e-commerce company. I’m blessed to have an amazing group of friends, new and old. Throughout my life, I have struggled with anxiety and depression, both of which have been huge contributors in me packing on the pounds.

And that’s about it. My purpose for this blog is simple – to hold myself accountable to improving my quality of life through a healthier lifestyle. I swear too much. I digress a lot. And I’m not afraid to keep sh*t real. Life is short and we might as well live it to the fullest – good and bad.

Thanks for reading! ❤