Busy, but good.

So no, I'm not good, I really haven't been good for a long time. Hence this whole journey. This doesn't mean I don't have good moments, hours, even days. But smiling and saying I'm good is what has gotten me here, to begin with. And being so "busy" is what's allowed me to make excuses as to why I have no time to care for myself. 

Great [Ex·pec·ta·tions]

When deciding to launch this blog and then delaying it for months I couldn’t help but wonder what purpose it would serve. Writing has always been therapeutic so it was a given that it would help me with the important emotional component that goes into such a big transformation. But accountability was also a factor. If people were watching, then they’d be holding me accountable to change. They’d be expecting results.



The truth is that despite all the happiness my life brings me, I am not happy with myself. I would go so far as to say I never have been. I think that’s the first time I’ve said or rather written that word. Never. How does one live a third of their life without being happy in their own skin?